I have a background in mixed media practise, including paint, textiles, photography and clay. For me, art should take the form of escapism and experience; it should inspire an emotional reaction and transcend beyond the intellectual response.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


I've been thinking about the proposal I received for 'Megalithic'. I started by researching into the patterns used within this period and made sketches of the swirly shapes. Eventually I made a painting which features these shapes, but also the dark gloomy atmosphere of much of the stone ruins I found from the Megalithic period. I feel like I'd like to work more with this idea, perhaps creating another painting on a larger scale and submerging myself more in the hypnotic spirals.

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bekahboo714 said...

Wow! Thank you, Ces! I didn't know you had done something with this topic. It's beautiful and I'd love to see what else you come up with in the future with this broad and interesting topic. I'm so honored you chose something from my suggestions. Great work!